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GoGreen Conference Austin

Environmental Considerations

The GoGreen Conference aspires to produce environmentally and socially responsible events. We employ a set of core commitments for every community we work in:

  • Commitment to the social dimension of sustainability via robust engagement and collaboration with locally based social cause and non-profit organizations.
  • Commitment to the economic dimension of sustainability through a concentrated focus in our programming and purchasing decisions on building and supporting strong local/regional economies and green businesses.
  • Commitment to minimize the environmental impact of each event through recognized sustainable best practices, vendor relationships and upholding high standards for venue selection.

We continually seek to further enhance our efforts in all of these areas. If you know of a new opportunity for us to look into, please contact us at events@gogreenconference.net


The Austin Music Hall

  • Motion censor lighting, sinks and low flow toilets to conserve energy
  • Use of hand dryers in place of paper towels
  • White roof to deflect heat
  • Large windows in foyer designed to incorporate natural lighting


No water bottles will be provided on site; drinking water will be served from a tap filtration system.

Materials Procurement

  • Event promotion is pursued primarily via online methods: e-newsletters, online advertising and social media.
  • The registration process for all GoGreen Conference events utilizes a 100 percent paperless ticket system.
  • GoGreen '12 Austin's badge holders, by Rebinder, are compostable and made from corn-starch.
  • All suppliers are local when possible and deemed conscious of their social responsibility (A/V, food/beverage, exhibitor materials)


  • Zero-waste management efforts are implemented materials reduction and re-use.
  • Remaining waste is diverted from the landfill via recycling and composting.
  • All waste is monitored, weighed and reported.
  • Food scraps will be composted and food service items recycled by Aramark
  • Minimal food packaging is used
  • Use of durable products is preferred in place of disposable ones whenever possible (linens, lanyards, etc.)
  • When disposable products are necessary, renewable and responsible materials are preferred: Compostable corn-based plastic containers, compostable and sustainable sugarcane paper goods, compostable potato and vegetable-based cutlery, compostable corn-based cold cups.