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GoGreen Conference Austin

2012 Session Details

Texas Sustainability Leaders Forum: Roadmaps To Stay Ahead of The Curve
An expert panel of sustainability leaders from the Central Texas Region give an insider look at how they've used green business practices to establish a competitive advantage in their market and make strategic shifts with major payoffs. Roadmaps to success will be shared with the audience, with a focus on leveraging vision and values to create long-term viability.
Waste Not Want Not: Tactical Advice to Minimize Waste + Maximize Savings
Waste might not be the sexiest topic on the program, but it's one of the most important. This nuts & bolts session will give attendees tactical takeaways and process-oriented expertise for improving comprehensive zero waste management. Speakers will share their lessons learned, including setting baselines, measuring efficiency, systems planning and using upstream and downstream analysis to maximize savings. Attendees will leave this session with step by step guidance on how to develop their own zero waste action plans.
Drought Busters: Managing Water For The Long Haul
Central Texas could be facing the most severe drought on record with little forecast for rain over the next year. In Drought Busters, regional experts in water management and conservation will discuss the future outlook and anticipated strategies for responsibly sharing this scarce resource. There will be a strong discussion element to the session—specific to the Central Texas business community—on how companies can design and enact solutions that will benefit their own bottom line and the greater good.
People Power: Bringing to Light the Hidden Value of The Sustainability Equation
Concrete social sustainability provisions are often left out of corporate responsibility frameworks and mission statements. Other times companies make commitments to social responsibility, but indicators are difficult to define, measure or improve upon. Consequently, critical social elements are left under-valued—increasingly putting businesses at a disadvantage in their markets. Panelists will substantiate the importance of equity, diversity, health, wellness and community; identify actionable areas for improvement; and discuss the impact of people power on the continued success of private sector endeavors.
Rise of the Creatives: Leveraging Culture to Build a Sustainable Economic Engine
Austin's thriving creative sector—which includes musicians, designers, entrepreneurs and more—has put the city in an unique and advantageous position. Such cultural capital can be seen as an engine for strengthening and sustaining Austin's economy. Hear from four original panelists who discuss the creative sector from the inside out. How can we better leverage creative culture to grow a more sustainable economy? Secondly, how can your organization harness creativity to build a more sustainable business. Learn how the Central Texas Region is poised to benefit from the Rise of the Creatives—and ways your organization can benefit from the culture shifts that are happening as a result.
ENGAGE! Forming, Facilitating and Transforming Employees Into Sustainability Champions
Engaging employees around sustainability initiatives can be tough to achieve, especially if your work force isn't immediately gung-ho on the idea or feels threatened by policies they don't understand. Sustainability champions don't just grow on trees, so this session will focus on cultivating the behavior change and cultural shift needed to gain employee buy in. Key takeaways include proven best practices on how to define goals, enact change, gain support from employees and measure the impact.
Keep Texas Local: Sustainable Food Systems For a Growing Region
Sustainable regional food systems play an integral role in supporting a thriving population. In addition to improving health and job creation, they help reduce carbon emissions and preserve land and resources for future generations. But are sustainable food systems an immediate concern to the Central Texas business community? This panel discussion will break down the economic benefits and opportunities of organic, regional agriculture. Panelists will discuss how food systems can provide value to your business, the local business community and the regional economy.
How Low Can You Go? Cost Effective Tools + Incentives For Lowering Business Energy Consumption
When it comes to lowering energy use, smart operational decisions go a long way. Learn how to set baselines, identify target areas, and implement efficiency improvements to slash your consumption and maximize savings. This session will also provide information on incentives and programs available to ease the upfront cost of retrofits and capital investments. You'll leave armed with both tools and knowledge to combat energy waste right away.
Emerging Green Leaders: Trends and Culture Shifts as a New Generation Takes The Torch
As a new generation rises, culture shifts are inevitable. But what will business look like when the kids who grew up recycling and learning about the dangers of global warming take the reins? We present four emerging leaders you'll be hearing a lot more from in the years to come—to share a sneak preview of what to expect from sustainable business under their generation's leadership. These movers and shakers will share the generational trends and culture shifts that will transpire as they relate to technology, diversity, organizational dynamics, communication, and doing good while making a profit.
How To Become A Green Business: An A - Z Guide (presented by the City of Austin)
The City of Austin asks "Are you a green business leader?" to introduce its Green Business Leaders Program which recognizes businesses for taking tangible and measurable steps to greening their operations. The program is a resource for businesses who are leading as well as learning the ropes of sustainability. Learn from founding members of the program about best practices, resources for support, and incentives (energy efficient upgrades, water efficiency, zero waste, commuting solutions, etc.) available in Central Texas.
2012 Forecast: Hot Opportunities in Clean Tech + Energy
What's next on the frontiers of clean tech and renewable energy? Attend this session to find out! Regional industry experts reveal where these critical industries are headed, which local innovations are making global impact and what development in these sectors means for businesses in Central Texas.
Green Marketing & Branding: Reframing "Green" To Reach Mainstream Audiences
Critics have called green marketing over and dead because it hasn't successfully reached audiences beyond the healthy lifestyles and sustainability niche communities. When sustainability has a propensity to take an elitist tone and represent vague concepts, it's no wonder why the mainstream hasn't jumped on the bandwagon. In our 2012 Green Marketing & Branding session, panelists will discuss strategies for reframing the conversation on "green" and the most effective ways to reach a mainstream audience on the topic.

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