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GoGreen Conference Austin

Just a few things people are saying about the GoGreen conferences.

In over 10 years of representing our company at trade shows, conferences and marketing events, I can say without hesitation that GoGreen 2010 was the best venue I've ever worked. Not only was it entertaining and informative, we have seen ongoing, direct benefit to our bottom line. We increased our profile in the business community and told thousands of ideal target customers all about our unique Green Office Supply initiative. We collected leads all day, we have converted a good number of them, and we are still engaged with others as prospects. Thanks for your vision, and thanks for having the integrity and the skill to put together a show that is excellent from start to finish

Steven Sterne
General Manager, Keeney’s Office Supply

Thank you so much for all your work yesterday. I was so impressed with GoGreen. The caliber of topics and speakers was really impressive. Hopefully you can find some time for R&R as I can see so much went into putting such a fantastic event.

Jenn Adams
Director & Vice President of Mobile, Chinook Book

I didn't get a chance to see you at the conference, but wanted to thank you again. It was very inspiring and the networking is very valuable. Look forward to next year.

Tom Mattox
Community Outreach & Marketing, Food Front Cooperative Grocery